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please enjoy! that's all i can say...and oh, please enjoy life, too! :)

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Thank you so much as well for the llamas, faves and the very supportive comments, and thanks to anyone who would even have the time to browse over my gallery or any of my work...hontoni, ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU! :)

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Well, kumusta? (how are you?)

A lot of lovely people here have been asking me if I ever took an art-related course...nope, well, I was NURSE- yep, a licensed/professional nurse...Sad to say, I never dreamed of becoming one (it's a very long story). Anyway, I landed a different job... Now, I am working in the UAE and I'm proud to be an artist here in DA...:)

I'm just an ordinary girl who loves to express herself through art...and dA's like an outlet for me. ^_^ Here, I can shout to the world that I am an artist! I joined dA not to be noticed but to let out these intricate thoughts and feelings I've been keeping within...

My life used to be filled with colors, but has recently been shaded with tints of gray...bit by bit, I've been attempting to retrieve those colors.

The thing I like to do the most in life is---to encourage people, and to be like the sun during their dark days, because seeing others bring out the best in them somehow adds to my happiness...and same thing was done to me by someone before when I was about to give up (a special one who has saved me in every way, though I haven't realized it soon enough... T_T

but enough with the T_T, I don't wanna cry here...

I am a happy person in general (except when I' think of the course I have taken XD) ... I smile and laugh a lot, and cry a lot, I dream a lot, I take a lot of pictures ...and of course, like everyone else, I just want to be happy!

I love drawing romantic scenes, I write romantic and dark poems...I pretty much draw anything under the sun- cartoon and anime characters, buildings, plants, animals, landscape, body parts, faces of people, my face, my shoes, my hands and blah blah blah(narci mode lol!) ...but I do want to draw something not existing in the real world.(and angels do exist!) sometimes, I'm more like a critique, I'm fond of browsing over others' works as they inspire me a lot...
I do not usually stick to one form/category of art, I try new stuffs and I draw depending on my mood. When I'm sort of happy, I do a lot of colored art, but during blue days, I do monochromes and sketches...^^

I do love anime and I watch all types of it , from dark anime to harem, depending on my mood but my all-time fave is HunterxHunter (well, of course, Killua's one of the coolest characters.LOL!) Recently, I've been watching episodes of Shingeki no Kyojin, Brothers Conflict and Blood Lad...would you even believe I watched No.6? ('cause I thought it was sci-fi, not until the 2 boys kissed!LOL!) I like Toradora!, KaichouwaMaid-sama, Darker than Black, Pandora Hearts, Death Note, Kuroko no Basuke and many more! (too many to mention, haha!) When I was young, I've been inspired by a lot of anime's, and watching them basically taught me how to draw colorful and fun stuffs. Though no one taught me how to draw, anime has contributed much to molding the artist in me. When I was in grade school, I never missed watching most of the anime that aired on TV (along with my siblings) and yep, we were often scolded by our dad because of that. He is very strict .

Well, anyway, those wonderful anime's that I've watched were all episodes of - BTX, Zenki, Thunder Jet, Fortune Quest, Blue Blink, Time Quest, Super Boink, Soul Hunter, Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach, Julio&Julia-Twins of Destiny, BeyBlade, BrainPowerd, FushigiYuugi, Cooking Master Boy, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Yuyu Hakusho, Saber Marionettes, DragonBallZ, Pokemon, Digimon, etc. (have you watched any of these, too? ^_^)
I even watched some drama anime- Remi, Georgie, Wakakusa Charlotte, Sarah-the Little Princess,Remi, Mary and the Secret Garden, Romeo, etc. haha!

I paint, I draw, I sketch, I embroider artworks, I do crafts, I write poems, I illustrate some poems/songs, etc. just for a hobby. Yep, a certified hobbyist. ('wish my job's related, but it isn't, and will never be... 'was forced to take up a different course T_T) I consider myself a beginner, an amateur...because I've got lots more to learn. As Ryoma Echizen says it--- "mada mada dane." (meaning here ->… )

In general, I'm a traditional beginner artist.

I seldom have any request to anyone, but here in dA, I just have one request to all: if by any chance you are to use any of my work for personal or any other reason, please do ask for my permission first. thank you... :)

***btw, when I comment on any artwork, I do it as honestly as when I say that your work is nice, good or great...shinji nasai!!! (believe it!) because every artist within us is AMAZING!

Art is life and life is art, itself..and how it would appear will depend on how you color it! nevertheless, be it colorful, or be it dark and gray, it is still a great wonder!

I highly encourage everyone to---NEVER GIVE UP ON ART!(even if your parents/other people stop or discourage you from doing your art stuffs, even if school or your job requires more of your time, even if you are already a grown up)

...and one more thing---

Yet again, I am an artist by heart...and no one can take that away from me. If others would try to take that away, then they would need to rip my heart out...

thank you for reading this...
have a sweet and fantastic day! ^_^


Favourite genre of music: rock and mellow, anime music...varies depending on my mood
Favourite style of art: traditional, very detailed artworks, conceptual romantic, monochrome
(I used to draw a lot of colorful ones, but 'guess I lost those colors ; recently 'got stuck on monochrome for some reason)

Personal Quotes:
***"It's funny yet sad, when you had your heart broken yet he never really knew how you felt for him..."
***"I hate reality, and we cannot change it if we become one with it ..."
***"I can easily draw what I can see but I try hard to draw what I cannot see..."



Death Note chronicale -fixed- by sakimichan

Every shade and line contributes to the detailed contours that compose the subjects. The character physiques are well-emphasized and ma...

***written on July 7, 2014
Dubai, UAE

     I was on my way home late at night. I attended the 7:30 – 8:30 PM mass at St. Mary’s Catholic Church near Oud Metha Metro Station. From there, ‘took about 30 minutes to reach Business Bay. And so, I arrived at about 9 PM, or should I say, past 9 PM already! There were no more cabs waiting on the lane by the station so I decided to walk the way across the so-called “desert” to reach my second home.

          I was singing a jolly song while trudging my way through the intense desert air, my boots would dig deep, almost getting stuck into the cream-colored sand. The warm breeze of the night seemed to leave a superficial burn on my face and on the thin layers of exposed slit of skin on my forearms. Yep, my first summer here in Dubai! And seriously, I can’t get enough of the heat! ‘Just kidding!

          Anyway, I was still feeling giddy and excited with the thought of finally resting my bone-tired body and drained soul into the soft sheets of the welcoming bed in the cozy room or perhaps, cuddle the sofa while watching a TV drama or two as soon as I reach home.

          When I stepped on the sidewalk, I didn't notice at all that I was crossing paths with these two teenagers, both young boys at about 17-18 years of age.  One of them exclaimed to the other, “she is so beautiful and very nice hair!” The other responded “yeah!” and they started whispering to each other, as if they were discussing an evil plan. I started walking fast as I ignored them and I was still singing a rock song a little loud as I usually do at this time of the night. Then the boy who spoke earlier said, “What did she say?” as I could assume he was having a big grin on his face, thinking that I was trying to relay a message to them…but no! Excuse me, I was just singing my song!

          I thought that weird encounter was over as I walked farther from those two who stopped far behind at the edge of the street. All of a sudden, one of the boys jumped his way in front of me and started asking these questions---“Are you married?! Do you wanna marry me?” I didn't know how he got there too fast; he could have run so swiftly. I remembered one of my female friends telling stories about "instant" marriage proposals from Arab men that happened to a lot of ladies she know in her circle of friends---asking a woman's hand after his first glance at her face! (But I mean no offense to Arab people, as I do not want to generalize! I'm not saying all Arabs are like this, okay?) Well sorry, in our culture, it is quite odd...extremely odd!

          Anyway, I wasn't that surprised ‘cause I know exactly how I should answer. I started responding with a big resounding “NO!” and I wanted to give him a big slap in the face but I know he is an Arab kid and I was thinking of the possible consequences so there was no choice but to control myself. (Duh! This is their country and what would become of me if they press charges of assault against me?! And if I’d be the one to press charges against them, it will surely be no good for I’ll be in the losing side. Well, believe me, racial discrimination still exists somehow, and I hate it!)

          When I said no, he even got more persistent as I walked even much faster, but then he followed me along the long path beside the bay, trying to stop me from walking. I started saying, “Hey!” with a frowned serious look to stop his behavior, ‘hoping he’d just walk away. When I think about it, that scenario might just be an ordinary scene to the other people who were walking by the sidewalk, thinking we were just an odd couple trying to make up after an argument. I also remembered, though I found this funny- when I saw another lady walking in the same direction (but she was wearing an abaya) and I told him, “Go to that girl! She’s more beautiful!” He just ignored and he attempted to touch my hair but I strongly refused and shouted, “Don’t touch me! Go away!” He was too young, yet too full of himself!

          He kept on insisting “C’mon now, marry me…” and then, he started muttering some stuffs that no one would imagine a teenager as young as him would say! I started realizing that he was CRAZY, or he must be too high to say those stuffs (perhaps he must have taken some woolah, or something…sorry for the term, but I never have used this in writing and this is the first time I've ever written this word). I was thinking of calling any of those security guards near each parking entrance to each tower, but then I chose to handle the situation alone…”This is just a crazy kid, I can handle him!,” I thought.

          That moment, I was feeling very irritated that I really wanted to give him an uppercut, or just twist his head 360 degrees like how the professional assassins on TV would do it. I was like a boiling kettle with a tough irremovable cover. I didn’t care if he was good-looking; I was picturing myself scrubbing his face into the rugged earth! He must be a rich Arab kid who thinks he can get anything he wants in an instance. Indeed, what he was muttering was a big insult to me but due to the “high level” of self control winning over me and the fact that I have just gone to church on a Sunday, I let go of all the negative thoughts and just told him “Just pray to God, my friend…” He asked “Why?” I told him, “so that you would have a clear mind and clear thoughts,” and I walked further. Feeling disappointed, he later asked in return, “why would you not marry me?” I instantly answered in a sarcastic manner, “’cause you know what, being alone is the best thing in life! …so that you can find yourself.” He responded, “F*** that!” Arrggh, the kid was getting into my nerves! Despite my resistance, he never stopped tailing me (as if he was a stalker!) until I reached the inside of the mall, halfway to the flat. I finally said, “You’re freaking me out now!” He got silent and then, he finally went away. Thank God! I didn’t want to think anymore of how worse the situation could become!

          Thinking he might have just hidden himself and might follow me home, I walked towards the opposite way to the grocery store and was eventually forced to buy a few stuffs as I kept on looking around, making sure he was not there anymore. Yes, somehow, he freaked me out because of his persistence. Anyway, aside from feeling irritated, I felt pity on him, too for he is just another immature young man who desperately wants to grow up just to experience the “adult stuffs.” And that’s how I see it.

          Too bad I wasn’t able to tell him what just came to my thoughts after I reminisced about all of what happened, what I should have supposed to tell him --- “Trust me, no girl would ever marry you if you have never learned to respect a person; if you find a girl whom you would respect the most and who will accept you for who you are, then I’d say that is the best time you could ever be ready for marriage…and one more thing, the money or wealth that you have now isn't really yours, those are what you get from your parents’ pocket, so do not be so proud of it!” Yeah, drive him to a tongue-tied mode! Lolz!  

          And marriage? Someone should teach him that it is definitely NOT a joke! A woman’s hand for marriage should never be asked after just a few minutes of meeting her. Marriage is sacred and this should be thought of when a man is determined that his feelings, as well as his partner’s feelings, are real…when both are ready to commit and be one in the eyes of God! Well, at least, this is my view and no one could ever change it for now. The truth is I wouldn't fear if I encounter him once again because I surely know how to respond. Some kids nowadays, like this one, are just too much! A marriage proposal like that (plus the extra words he was muttering) was never flattering but instead, extremely insulting!

          Well, for sure, this is just another story of a bad night. Dubai is still a very safe place, one of the safest that I know. You’ll just be very unlucky to encounter mean persons who could perhaps ruin one of your nights. It will be your choice whether you will let people like this create fear in you and let yourself be shattered in any way, or move on strong and set aside the negative energies.

          Thinking about what happened, do I really look that “easy” for that boy to say stuffs like that to me? I don’t think so! I know myself better than anyone else. He just doesn't have that big R, that thing we call RESPECT! Whatever, rich Arab kid! If only I could just slap you in the face, or even more, do worse… :P

          But anyway, peace to all people…even to those who do not want to live in peace with you! :)

Wild Hearts-Pencil Drawing by eirol87

Dance of the Lotus Fans... by eirol87

When An Angel Weeps... by eirol87

here's me now by eirol87


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