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November 30, 2013
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Deer Nymph: Verdeena by eirol87 Deer Nymph: Verdeena by eirol87
maybe, it's better in FULL VIEW ^_^
Concept: Original
Character: Original
Drawn without references
Tools used:  black pen, black marker, colored pencils, colored pens, silver metallic sign pen and correction fluid for the deer spots

At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to finish this on time. Thank God, I did and here she is! :) All the concepts/ thoughts started popping out on the 29th and the deadline's 30th and that time I was thinking "I should hurry!" Anyway, I'm free on weekends only so I find time to draw so scarce unlike before...T_T

I wanted her to be like a protector of the deer, so yeah she is a deer nymph! :) I also wanted to incorporate the "black background technique" so that I can emphasize the subject even more.

Verdeena, the deer nymph guards the Western forest and protects the all types of deer. :)


The Name--- Yeah, Verdeena is based on the word verdant, meaning green. In our language, "berde/verde" means green. As seen in the drawing, she has eyes like green orbs and hair of light green tint.

The Hair Dress--- It is composed of what I call "antler branches" attached to a  wild vine formed in circular pattern.

The Antler Branches---I'm proud to say this is my idea. :)  The antler tree does not bear leaves and its branches are pure white. They grow up  to 3-4 feet only in Western mountain tops and each branch resembles deer antlers (if we disregard the color ^^) It is good for creating "bonzai," too. :) Not coloring these branches, I thought, adds to the winter you think so, too? :)

The Deers--- Sorry, this is my first time drawing a deer (the very first one I've drawn was the one on her right). These deers  are based on my memory, those I've seen on TV and I could remember, I have seen a big old deer for real only one in  a wildlife park (and it dis not have antlers)  Deers do not usually roam our country although there are very small deers found in a specific region which we call as "pilandok" or mouse deer but I haven't really got the chance to see one.  (Oh, the mouse deer is the smallest deer family in the world! ) I guess the ones with antlers are the males, right? So in this drawing, I'm not really sure if I added enough spots, if the sizes of the spots are correct/proportional to the body based on real deer anatomy,  and if the antlers are in the correct position/are planted in the correct area (sorry T_T). What I love coloring the most are the white spots at the deers' back though. After using correction fluid, I shaded the surrounding part with pencil.

The Background--- Four deers surround the subject-two of them are females and the other two are males. I incorporated the white antler branches and I thought of adding those shrubs of red berries to add to the colors... These give the drawing a winter and Christmas theme, too (which is unintentional!^^) . :D I also love coloring the moss green surfaces of the pieces of earth where the 2 female deers stand (I used colored pen) :) I wanted to add sparkles around her so yeah, I used the metallic silver sign pen for that...:) The most tedious to do was to fill in those empty spots within the antler branches, but thank goodness, I got broad and fine black marked for these. ^^

...this is for the group: M/ARepeatingContest
my goal is not to win but to express my thanks and support  to the group :)

Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) IngoxEmmet Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) IngoxEmmet Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) IngoxEmmet Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) IngoxEmmet Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) IngoxEmmet Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) IngoxEmmet Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) IngoxEmmet Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) 
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